Latest Happenings

Hindi Language Enhancment Programme

Organised and conducted by volunteers from Rotary Club, the free language enrichment programme for Hindi has kicked of since May 2021. In collaboration with Loving Heart (Jurong), individuals from Rotary Club have volunteered to conduct free Hindi tuition classes for primary school students living in the Jurong area. Up to date, response for the programme has good and it has a great opportunity for us to engage this minority group in Singapore.

Making of Hari Raya Cards

In lieu of Hari Raya this year, Loving Heart invited community volunteer Mr Nai’aim to teach students about Hari Raya and the meaning behind why Muslims celebrate this holiday. To commemorate the holiday, Mr Nai’aim taught our young beneficiaries how to design their Hari Raya Cards. Our beneficiaries had the freedom to then design their cards which could be dedicated to a person of their choice. Students had a wonderful time exploring their creativity and learning about the Muslim culture in Singapore.

rise programme

Conducted by School of Concepts, the RISE Primary English Programme, aims to rebuild young learners’ foundation in English literacy to equip them with strong reading, writing, and communication skills. Students are taught to refine grammar skills, expand their vocabulary and better their comprehension and storytelling skills. Loving Heart has also partnered with Grassroot Leaders from Jurong Spring and Boon Lay who have registered students under their constituency for this programme. We would also like to give special thanks to Octava Foundation for sponsoring the majority of the programme in 2021.

School Holiday Programme – Robotics Workshop

To allow students to truly enjoy their school holiday break, School of Concepts conducted a robotics workshop for our primary learners. The robotics kits were delivered to students and the session was conducted online. Students learned how to build a solar powered car from scratch using the materials provided and understood the mechanics and science behind using solar power. Students enjoyed the hands-on experience at home and had fun with their end products after the session.

hey ocinara!

In collaboration with National Heritage Board, our primary learners had the chance to learn how to play the ocinara. The ocinara is a mini flute with 4 holes which makes it slightly easier for children to learn.

By the second session, our young learners were able to play a few classical nursey rhymes such as “Mary had a little lamb” and “Little Bee”.

Although learning a new instrument over zoom was challenging, our learners tried their best and did not give up. They learned to persevere and help each other for a fruitful experience. We would like to thank NHB for providing the instructor and all the materials for our beneficiaries.

christmas special:
woodchip & canvas painting

This Christmas, we organized a Christmas special for Loving Heart’s primary school learners. The younger learners tried their hand at woodchip painting for the first time. Together with the help of the instructors, they outlined their drawings and painted over a real woodchip.

The older learners got the opportunity to try a real canvas painting. They painted over a canvas and got a chance to experience a day of being an artist. Our learners were happy and pleased with their final artwork. Some of the final art pieces were used as designs for the Loving Heart’s Christmas cards this year.

taster programme
bold at work x loving heart

We partnered Bold At Work to host the Taster Programme for secondary and tertiary youth participants on 23 November 2020. As the name suggests, youth were given micro-job experiences that offers a glimpse to different job scopes. Areas touched included case management, planning children programmes and corporate sponsorship

loving heart’s free tuition
achievement award

This year, our annual Free Tuition Achievement Awards was postponed due to Covid-19. Nonetheless we wanted to honor students for the efforts and their academic achievement in 2019.

As such, we held a mini prize giving ceremony for our students, where they collected their awards in staggered timings. Students were awarded for their academic achievement and improvement in English, Math & Science.

Our highest achievers received CapitaLand mall vouchers up to $100. The awards were given out by our Board Members. Through honoring students, we hope that they remain motivated to continue their academic excellence.

fo fa dao x loving heart
bursary awards

Every year, Fo Fa Dao Ling Zhu Gong Association invites Loving Heart to nominate beneficiaries in need to receive cash awards donated from the temple.
This year, in collaboration with Loving Heart, primary school students were awarded $120 cash with $40 vouchers and secondary school students were awarded $150 cash with $60 vouchers.

The event was kindly graced by our Advisors, Mr Shawn Huang & Mr Xie Yao Quan. A total of 35 students from Jurong benefitted from the bursary awards.

We would like to thank Fo Fa Dao Ling Zhu Gong Association for their generous support.

house of angklung

During the September holidays, our beneficiaries got to try their hand at Angklung. Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument that is simple for children of younger ages to learn.

Instructor Mr Na’aim taught our beneficiaries to listen and identify musical notes. They also learned to coordinate with each other and play a full song on beat. Not only was learning the Angklung fun, our beneficiaries got a chance to experience playing music together as a group.

heritage tour & “ready-for-school’ shopping trip

For two consecutive weeks, students from Loving Heart’s Tuition Programme and PCF Centres in Jurong GRC were invited to join the Heritage Tour & “Ready-for-school” shopping trip. They learned about cultural origins from the Malay and Indian Heritage Centres.

Following the heritage tour, volunteers from DBS served as mentors to guide students in their shopping trip at IMM. They were happy to have the freedom of choosing their own school supplies to get ready for school next year.

movie screening: frozen 2

We would like to thank Singapore Food Agency for sponsoring 80 kids to watch the movie premier of Frozen 2! The kids loved the movie and enjoyed themselves immensely.

here to warm hearts

On 16 November 2019, Loving Heart hosted young participants from Jurong for a delightful morning event organised by student volunteers from River Valley High School. Through sensory tests with origami and a station-based treasure hunt, our young participants had loads of fun.