Latest Happenings

Fo Fa Dao Bursary 2021

Like previous years, Fo Fa Dao Ling Zhu Gong Association has kindly invited Loving Heart (Jurong) to nominate beneficiaries to receive cash awards donated from the temple association this year. In collaboration with Loving Heart (Jurong), primary school students were awarded $150 cash and secondary school students were awarded $200 cash.
The event was kindly graced by our Advisors, Mr Shawn Huang & Mr Xie Yao Quan. A total of 39 students from Jurong benefitted from the bursary awards. We would like to thank Fo Fa Dao Ling Zhu Gong Association for their generous support every year!

Kids World

The theme for this year’s Kids World was financial literacy! Students were taught the importance of saving and managing their allowance appropriately. They learned to differentiate between needs and wants and also attended a workshop on financial literacy made easy for children to understand. Learners did not only learn a tonne on financial literacy, they did it through fun games and activities. We would like to extend our gratitude to NTU’s Volunteer Management Club for organising this event and inviting our learners to participate in this yearly event.

RISE Graduation

Students from all partner constituencies (Jurong Spring and Boon Lay) graduated from our RISE programme as they had all improved tremendously. The RISE programme learners had the opportunity to make their own Christmas wooden lighthouse during the graduation. The teacher from school of concepts also shared students’ progress with parents during this graduation ceremony.

Race in time

This school holiday programme organised by Loving Heart (Jurong) and the National Heritage Board brought students on a virtual tour around the Malay and Indian Heritage Centres. Students from JCYEL led the 2-day event with fun activities like boat making and quizzes. The event also ended with a lucky draw! Our learners learnt about the Indian and Malay culture through this engaging experience. Special thanks to students from JCYEL and National Heritage Board for making Race in Time possible!

Volunteer Engagement Workshop

The Art of Working with Children was the theme of our volunteer engagement workshop this year. “Acknowledge your students’ efforts through specific praise such as thanking them for making the effort to show up for class. Help your students succeed.” These were some teaching philosophies shared to our volunteer tutors by Ms Mabel Lim, the Principal and Artistic Director of Cerebral, during a volunteer engagement workshop.

It was organised to help our volunteer tutors understand characteristics of children from different age groups, different learning styles, and classroom management tips to help them in engaging with students under our Free Tuition Programme.

Environmental Awareness Workshop

One of our school holiday programmes this year was an Environmental Awareness Workshop kindly organised by students from Singapore Polytechnic. It was a 3 day activity filled workshop where students learnt the importance of maintaining a clean and green environment.
They also had hands-on experiences on how to recycle and upcycle items they have at home. Students from Singapore Poly even taught our learners to make a tote bag out of old t-shirts and a stationary holder out of toilet paper rolls! Although the session was conducted online, our learners were fully engaged and learnt many new skills they could use at home.

Christmas Special

This year’s Christmas Special at Loving Heart (Jurong) gave our primary learners an opportunity to explore their creativity working with simple materials. Our younger learners used materials like buttons, straw and foil with colour in a reindeer. Our older learners were given free reigns to illustrate their versions of classic Christmas characters like Santa Claus. It stimulated our young learners’ imagination and allowed them to think outside the box. Younger learners enjoyed their time with peers after a long pause of physical activities due to the pandemic.

Hindi Language Enhancment Programme

Organised and conducted by volunteers from Rotary Club, the free language enrichment programme for Hindi has kicked of since May 2021. In collaboration with Loving Heart (Jurong), individuals from Rotary Club have volunteered to conduct free Hindi tuition classes for primary school students living in the Jurong area. Up to date, response for the programme has good and it has a great opportunity for us to engage this minority group in Singapore.

rise programme

Conducted by School of Concepts, the RISE Primary English Programme, aims to rebuild young learners’ foundation in English literacy to equip them with strong reading, writing, and communication skills. Students are taught to refine grammar skills, expand their vocabulary and better their comprehension and storytelling skills. Loving Heart has also partnered with Grassroot Leaders from Jurong Spring and Boon Lay who have registered students under their constituency for this programme. We would also like to give special thanks to Octava Foundation for sponsoring the majority of the programme in 2021.