Latest Happenings

Dialect/Jawi Lesson

In partnership with Boon Lay Harmony Circles, 20 of our service users participated in an enriching lesson designed to enhance their cultural understanding and multi-linguistic proficiency!

Kids Learn

Kids Learn is a pioneering educational and befriending program designed to enhance early literacy skills, including reading and counting, for preschool children. Through a combination of technologically enabled learning, one-on-one mentorship, and engaging group activities, the program aims to bridge learning gaps among Primary 1 students and facilitate essential literacy development among preschoolers.

NTU Kids’ World

31 of our young service users participated in this 2-Day’s Day Camp hosted by NTU. The objective of 2023’s Kid’s World was to help deepening participants’ understanding on the importance of sustainability. The camp was held within the university’s campus and participants also get to make trips to related businesses or venues. One of those visits was a trip to Nippon Koi Farm.

Festive Lunch @ Holiday Inn

20 of our service users were hosted by Holiday Inn under the Group’s Back-To-School initiative. The youngsters were treated to a festive lunch buffet and received presents of “Back-To-School” package from the Hotel Staff members.

“A-Race-In-Time” and “Back-To-School” Shopping Trips

“A-Race-In-Time”, based on the popular Amazing Race concept, is a collaboration between Loving Heart (Jurong) and NHB, which is guaranteed by a 3-years M.O.U between the 2 organisations. “Back-To-School” Shopping Trip, an initiative that goes back to 2019 where Centre works with donors to channel resources to service users through a meaningful (and hands-on) manner to secure part of their back-to-school needs in the following school year. Working with NHB, we have successfully organised our third Race in time for 115 students, in heritage site within Jurong With 53 volunteers, the event is spilt into 2 runs/ days, between primary level and secondary level respectively.

1-Day Rock Climbing Appreciation

With the help of our partner and hosts from Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS), 30 young service users have had their inaugural rock-climbing experience. They loved it and wanted more of it.

rise programme

Conducted by School of Concepts, the RISE Primary English Programme, aims to rebuild young learners’ foundation in English literacy to equip them with strong reading, writing, and communication skills. Students are taught to refine grammar skills, expand their vocabulary and better their comprehension and storytelling skills. Loving Heart has also partnered with Grassroot Leaders from Jurong Spring and Boon Lay who have registered students under their constituency for this programme. We would also like to give special thanks to Octava Foundation for sponsoring the majority of the programme in 2021.