Latest Happenings

Staff Christmas Appreciation Dinner

To end the year on a positive note and appreciate our Staff and Operation Support Team, a christmas appreciation dinner was held on 8 December 2022 together with our Chairman. Onwards to a new year of possibilities, adventures, and challenges in store for Loving Heart!

Staff Digitalisation Incentive Award

The Staff Incentive Scheme for Digital Innovation, which is wholly sponsored by Mr Karthik Sankaran, Chairman of the Centre’s Management Committee is set up to incentivize colleagues to digitalise our programmes during the Circuit Breaker and make sustainable changes to how our Centre operates post-Covid. Congratulations to Ms Crystal Pang for bringing TCM appointment system online and making processes seamless for staff, and Ms Tou Miao Miao for kickstarting e-submission of weekly ART results to enhance efficiency of internal systems!

Risk Management Workshop

On 26 Jan 2022, the staff team attended a Risk Management Workshop on the basics of Enterprise Risk Framework and risk identification. It was an informative workshop in helping staff reassess possible risks in our on-site programme and facilities and kickstart out risk assessment journey. A shoutout to Mr Chester Liew from Mazars – Risk Consulting for conducting the workshop for the team!

Microsoft and Basic Photography Workshop

On 10 January 2022, the centre invited Mr Ryan Choo, a volunteer and professional digital marketer, to conduct workshops on Microsoft Form and basic photography/videography. Staff members got to apply what was learn into their daily projects to test through small group work. Staff members also learnt tips to enhance their photos for social media and other purposes. After the workshop, the centre will cease using Google’s application for online surveys and instead use MS Form as the default survey creator.

Brainstorming Retreat at Bold at Work

On 11 Dec 2021, staff and board members attended a brainstorming retreat at Bold At Work to arrive at a common understanding of future direction and its role in the community. Using Strategic Planning Tools and Theory of Change models, the team also discussed on possible restructuring of our current programmes. Kudos to Ms Denise Liu and Mr Justin Lee for conducting the workshop pro-bono!