Latest Happenings

Volunteer Engagement Workshop

The Art of Working with Children was the theme of our volunteer engagement workshop this year. “Acknowledge your students’ efforts through specific praise such as thanking them for making the effort to show up for class. Help your students succeed.” These were some teaching philosophies shared to our volunteer tutors by Ms Mabel Lim, the Principal and Artistic Director of Cerebral, during a volunteer engagement workshop. It was organised to help our volunteer tutors understand characteristics of children from different age groups, different learning styles, and classroom management tips to help them in engaging with students under our Free Tuition Programme.

Volunteer Skills Training

Over the March holidays, we teamed up with Bold At Work to conduct Volunteer Skills Training for our volunteers! Volunteers had the chance to explore self-development by understanding their values and strengths. It was a great way for volunteers to get to know one another as well. Looking forward to more meaningful interactions with our volunteers!

Volunteer Appreciation Lunch/Dinner

In December 2019, we hosted Volunteer Appreciation Lunches and/or Dinners at Loving Heart. In contrast to big-group sessions during our usual Annual Appreciation Dinner, Loving Heart engaged volunteers in more intimate feedback and discussion sessions in smaller groups. It was a fulfilling session where we got to share our future plans and learnt how to support our volunteers in future. Kudos to all our dedicated volunteers who contributed this year!